Trusting your instincts

Today one of my recent IG posts was featured, which is a pretty good thing to have your photo acknowledged by others.  The funny thing is, it’s a photo that I almost didn’t post. I took the photo as I was wrapping up taking images at Moore State Park in Paxton, MA. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon following a wet morning and the waterfalls were full of water.  I spent probably 2 hours purposely taking photos of the waterfalls and fall foliage.  You know setting up your tripod, checking your exposure, deciding composition, filters, etc..  I took several different compositions and noted the time and wanted to go a different location for sunset.  So I packed my gear and quickly attached my Nikon 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens as I wanted to get some last shots walking to my car.  As I passed the old mill house I noted the striking dark shadow of a tree falling on the side of the mill and quickly took a few shots without much thought.  I downloaded my photos the next day and made some basic LR edits and set it aside.  A couple of weeks passed and I opened the photo cropped it and then deliberated on posting it, thinking it was a decent photo but that I had better ones.  I finally did post the photo this past Monday and to my surprise how well it was received.20181013-155651_-_dsc1697

Thinking about it, my hesitation in posting this photo is attributed to forgetting the moment of spontaneity as I pushed the shutter release. During that moment, I was attracted to how the shadow of the tree played with the old mill’s weathered siding and framing the composition to capture the window as well.  That as time passed after taking the photo I over analyze the image when I should have just trusted my instincts.  One of my favorite sayings hanging in my workspace is “Don’t believe everything you think”.  My lesson to myself spend less time in my head and do more from the heart and let go of comparison.  Not every photo is going to be a winner and that’s okay.  Even now I find myself thinking on how to end this blog so I will end by giving thanks to all those that liked my photo and @Style_and_decay for the feature.

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