Pleasant Surprise

You visualize a photograph and arrive at the location only to have the weather conditions throw a curveball, instead of a gorgeous sunset you’re faced with thick clouds.  That’s happened to me plenty of times and as I have done before, I simply adjusted my expectations and took some photos.  Thinking, who knows perhaps one of the photos will turn-out.  My recent image posted on IG of downtown Hartford is an example.  

Downtown Hartford
70 mm, f/16, 1s, ISO 100

I had wanted to capture the buildings and city lights along the Connecticut River set against a beautiful clear blue evening sky after sunset.  Checking the weather forecast before I left work to take photographs, I knew to expect clouds instead.  Nonetheless, I still drove to Great River Park in East Hartford and found a location for my composition. Using my 24-70 mm f/2.8 lens I decided to grab an image of the Connecticut Science Center and Gold Building.  I also noticed that some of the trees along the Connecticut River still had some yellow autumn leaves that would complement my image.  I also took several long exposures to smooth out a high flowing Connecticut River to hopefully enhance my photograph.

I downloaded the photos the next day and made some quick Lightroom adjustments.  However, that feeling that I didn’t get the shot I planned impacted my decision to set aside this photograph.  A few days ago I was reviewing my images taken the last few weeks a came across the photo and upon a second look, I decided it was pretty decent.  I made some more adjustments and posted it on IG.  It turned out to be a popular photo,  a very pleasant surprise.   Fortunately, I took a second look as I usually do.  It’s that second look that provides fresh eyes and in this case settling aside the disappointment of not getting that initial image that I visualize. 

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