MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI started taking photographs in college and purchased my first 35mm film camera, a Pentax with a starter lens that I’ve long forgotten it’s optical specifications.  Since that first camera, I’ve upgraded a few times including the purchase of my first DSLR a Nikon D80 and eventually my current camera a full-frame DSLR (Nikon D750).  Photography has grown into a serious hobby coupled with my love for being outdoors.  As an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys a full range of outdoor activities, including being a serious recreational cyclist enjoying both road and mountain biking.  I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, especially historical places and inspiring National Parks and Monuments.  My photos mainly focus on outdoor landscapes and wildlife that I’ve experienced during my travels.  I am a certified scuba diver and have taken underwater photos that you will find in my photos from Bonaire. I love the beauty here in Connecticut and have taken plenty of photographs that capture our local treasures.  I hope you enjoy my pictures that showcase the beauty that surrounds us in this world.  Please feel free to share with others who would appreciate my photographs.  


Alan Pelletier

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction.”         – E.O. Wilson